The magick of NOT believing

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in belief. And ideally I don’t believe, period. Richard Dawkins should give me a medal. But he wouldn’t because he might not like that I advocate using belief - taking on a belief, then discarding it when it is no longer useful. There’s great power in [...]

Evoking the Lords of Chaos & Law

It was jacKofKats’ birthday, September 18th, 2017. He didn’t much like birthdays as twelve years before he’d been robbed at knife point in London on his birthday. And the balefulness of this event had stuck with him. But this birthday it would be different. I’d arranged for jacKofKats and I, along with natural witch, Pip DeBelfry, [...]

How to gain UNTOLD wealth and success – in 49 days – by doing just ONE thing…

Sounds unbelievable? I can understand that. But if you are looking to gain a reasonable degree of wealth, and the associated freedom that comes with it, you are mostly likely doing ONE thing wrong. This thing is working against you at every turn. It's literally shooting yourself in the foot. But if you want a [...]