My magical amulets are pre-charged at a ritual area out in the countryside – down an “old straight track” that leads to an ancient sacred grove.

Magical amulet

They are somewhat “rustic” in the sense that I make them myself from fallen pieces of branch gathered in woodland areas. It’s very much old world magic that was used by English horse whisperers and so called “cunning folk” and witches in East Anglia, and elsewhere.

In fact, they are a good entry-point for you as they are less expensive than a full-blown, bespoke spellcasting. Nevertheless, my magical amulets hold definite power within them to attract what you desire or wish for.

You can carry your magical amulet in your pocket or bag – or wear it around your neck (I attach them all to a leather cord).

What can a magical amulet help you with?

Currently there are six desires catered for. These are:

  • Attract love – helps bring that “special person” into your life.
  • Money drawing – improves your prospects of making extra cash.
  • Gambling luck – increases your chances of winning in casinos or other games of chance.
  • Career advancement – improves your current prospects or helps you locate a better job.
  • Psychic protection – holds back malign forces from affecting your life.
  • Good fortune – encourages Lady Luck to smile on you.

I may be able to accommodate other desires or wishes – simply drop me an email and ask.

So how do I charge my magical amulets?

I drive to an area about seven miles from me – a section of rolling countryside between two small villages. I park up and walk down an “old straight track” (see picture below) that leads to a grove of trees (to the left of the photo).

This is basically an old woodland that dates back to well into heathen times. In truth, it’s sadly a tiny fragment of what’s left of the large woodlands that stretched across the whole region. I describe the grove as “sacred” because it exudes numinous power and has a palpable atmosphere.

Old straight track to ritual area
Old straight track to ritual area

Once I get to the sacred grove, I go to an old and stately oak and sit down beside it to soak up the atmosphere and get myself deep into spirit of the place. I then look around the woodland floor for pieces of fallen branch. These typically include oak, ash, rowan, poplar and elder.

After that I use my handmade gypsy knife (the best knife I’ve ever owned) to carve and shape the pieces of branch, and slice a clear section on each to inscribe my sigils on. While doing this I recite incantations from “unknown tongues”, which is the language of the spirits and the unconscious mind. This draws numinous energy from the landscape and allows me to imbue the magical amulets with it – making them artefacts of power.

Once done, I close the gates to the numinous, collect up the arcane items, and return via the old straight track to my car, and drive the winding country lanes home.

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Magic Amulet
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If you’re in Britain or Europe, you will receive your magical amulet in two working days or so. If you’re in the US, it will take around four or five working days. And seven to ten days for the rest of the world.

To discover more about Doktor Snake and his magick check out his books on Or type in “Doktor Snake” in your country’s Amazon.

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