My rune readings bring you insight into your fate and destiny to help you find the right direction in life, and shape your future.

Elder Futhark Runes home made set by Doktor Snake

When I cast my runes, I keep one ear open to the whispering spirits who lay bare the weave of fate that surrounds you.

This weave-work is what forges your destiny.

My rune readings will help you see into these swirling threads of fate. This puts you in a position to influence the way events and situations unfold in your life – thus bringing you a happier and more fulfilling future.

My rune readings will bring insight into many varied situations, including the following:

  • Your lover or spouse has left you – find out whether you should try to bring them back, or move on.
  • You’re short of money – discover whether a windfall is around the corner, and if not, what can be done to attract more cash.
  • Nothing is going right in your life – discover whether you’ve been hexed, and if so, what can be done about it.
  • Gambling luck eludes you – find out why you’re dogged by ill-luck, and how you can get Lady Luck to smile on you.

If one of these, or other concerns apply to you, then you may well find my rune readings bring you the insight you need to take the right path in life.

How my rune readings work

All readings are delivered by email. The first thing I do is send you out a questionnaire so you can ask your reading question, and fill me in on details like your date and place of birth.

You’ll receive the questionnaire within 24-hours of ordering a reading.

Once you’ve sent the questionnaire back, allow up to three days for a reading to be done. If you order on a weekend, your reading will be done by mid-week.

Order your reading now

Rune Reading
Rune Reading
Price: £25.00
USD $31.00

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