My spellcasting services mix old time folk magic with eclectic 21st century sorcery – to bring the results you desire in quicktime.

spellcasting services

All my spellcasting work is done out in the wilds of the countryside at specific “places of power” that I select according to the purpose of the spell. Primarily I use sites that were used during heathen times, ruined churches, country crossroads, and stone circles or stone monuments.

What’s more, the arcane items that make up any given spellworking – such as sigil staves, wish papers, poppet dolls, etc – are all handmade by me. I use my old gypsy knife, for example, to carve glyphs on pieces of fallen branch in the woods. And I use an old dip pen and ink to create my trademark sigils.

If I include such things as pewter charms, or the like, I typically source them from curio and antiques emporiums in the real world (not online). This is because any curios or charms have to “speak to me”; they have to exude an intrinsic level of numinous power.

All the arcane items I create or use are charged with thaumaturgic energy during my rites out in the wilds.

I perform all rituals on your behalf, having first configured them specifically to your needs, along with calculating the optimum day and time to perform the rites.

My spellcasting services have THREE tiers of power – bronze, silver and gold…

bronze silver gold icons

Bronze is best suited for dealing with less complex cases. Silver for dealing with more complex and challenging cases. And Gold for extremely difficult cases or where speed is of the essence.

My poppet doll spellworkings come under the bronze category; supernatural spell bags under silver; while my conjuration tins come under gold.

The best way to decide what level of “fire power” you need is to drop me an email and run your situation past me.

But here are my main spellworkings for you to peruse…

Poppet dolls - dark witchcraft manikins

Poppet dolls – dark witchcraft poppets for all your needs. [Learn more]

Supernatural spell bag

Supernatural spell bags – results magic to manifest desires. [Learn more]

Conjuration Tin

Conjuration tins – dark arts magic under the shadow moon. [Learn more]

Plus magical amulets…

Magical amulet

Magical amulets to enchant, bewitch and influence… [Learn more]

And rune readings…

Elder Futhark Runes home made set by Doktor Snake

Rune readings – fortune telling to shape your future… [Learn more]

To discover more about Doktor Snake and his magick check out his books on Or type in “Doktor Snake” in your country’s Amazon.

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