From returning an ex to drawing money, these supernatural spell bags are ritually imbued with numinous power at an old pagan temple.

Supernatural spell bag
Supernatural spell bag paraphernalia

My supernatural spell bags are magical talismans. Each bag contains arcane items configured to you individually and to fit the outcome of the spellworking you require.

I charge them by performing a magical rite at an old pagan temple in the grounds of a large manor house out in the wilds of the countryside.

My supernatural spell bags are results magic par excellence, and are designed to get the job done. Be it to return an ex lover or spouse, attract money or gambling luck, remove a hex, or get rid of unwanted people from your life.

Indeed, most requirements can be catered for. To run your case past me, simply drop me an email.

Here’s a list of the kind of needs my spell bags can help you with:

  • Attract love: bring romance and that “special person” into your life.
  • Return a lover: make your ex come running back into your arms.
  • Love binding: bring commitment, even marriage, to a relationship.
  • Stop cheating: keep your lover true to you and stop them playing around.
  • Break up a couple: if your lover’s run off with somebody else, break up the relationship.
  • Get laid: attract sexual partners for no commitment, “between the sheets” relationships.
  • Stop divorce: prevent your marriage coming to an end, and repair the damage of your broken relationship.
  • Money drawing: attract cash from whatever “earthly channels” are available in your life.
  • Business success: bring lucky breaks, profits, sales and top-notch deals to your new or existing business.
  • Good job: advance your career, gain promotion, get a pay rise, or find a great job in some other field.
  • Gambling luck: improves the odds in your favour when you gamble or play lotteries.
  • Lucky life: attract good fortune into your life, get Lady Luck to smile on you more often.

Supernatural spell bags can also help you with…

  • Hex removal: bad work is a fact of life, this removes all hexes and curses that have been laid on you.
    Psychic protection: acts as a firewall to stop negativity or evil intentions getting into your psyche.
    Spiritual cleansing: erase and nullify all baleful energies that are plaguing your aura, and make a fresh spiritual start.
    Healing & well-being: heals your internal energy systems by working on the “orgone field” (use in conjunction with your existing medical treatments).
    Go away: get rid of unwanted people, lose trouble-makers from your life – kick them right outta town.
    Bad neighbour removal: make rowdy, inconsiderate neighbors move, whether they sell up or rent a new place.
    Boss fix: give a bullying or nasty boss his or her just desserts.
    Law work: sorts out trouble with the law or police, helps turn things in your favour.
    Vengeance: take revenge on an enemy by laying a heavy duty hex on them. (Only use it to curse those that deserve it).
Silver level of spellcasting

Supernatural spell bags are the SILVER level of spellcasting. Best suited for dealing with more complex and challenging cases. [Learn more]

How do my supernatural spell bags work?

I calculate the best day and time to perform the magical rite to charge the spell bags. I do this after you have filled in the questionnaire I send out you. This means that all the magical work, including the arcane items and day and times, are tailored to you individually and to your requirements.

What’s more, the magical items that go into the spell bags are either made by me, or sourced by me (such as specific pewter charms, and so on). And naturally I draw all the sigils on wish papers, along with carving sigils on slivers of wood.

Pagan temple

I charge my supernatural spell bags by performing a magical rite at a place of power – an old pagan temple in the grounds of a manor house in the wilds of the countryside, some thirty miles from me (see picture below). The owners let me use it because they have a deep interest in the esoteric, along with an abiding concern for the natural world.

The temple is around three hundred years old and was no doubt used by the forebears of the current residents of the manor house and estate.

Heathen Temple Manor House grounds
Heathen temple, manor house

I typically go to the temple after sunset, sometimes midnight (depending on the nature of the spellworking I’m conducting), and set up my ritual area. I light various incenses, which burn in small ironwork pots. This helps induce a meditative trance-like state in me.

Evoking the spirits

From there I set about evoking the spirits (or energy forces) of the place. I wake the ancient atavisms from their slumbers and call upon them to imbue the arcane items that go into the supernatural spell bags with numinous power. The atmosphere tends to become almost electric when these denizens of the netherworlds manifest amidst the whirling smoke of my incense burners.

It can be very scary and intimidating dealing with these forces, which are archaic and primal, not to mention being pre-human with a far from benevolent view of us “late arrivals” on planet Earth.

On occasion, I have to admit, it’s touch and go, and I have to utilise all my experience in magic and the occult to prevent myself being overwhelmed. But mostly it’s fine and brings its own reward in terms of being able to see beyond the veil of everyday reality.

After the rite is concluded, I collect up the various items I’ve charged during the ceremony, and place them in the drawstring spell bag. I then mail this to you, along with a letter detailing what you can do next.

Order your supernatural spell bag now (FREE postage and packing)

Select your requirement (i.e. love, money, etc) from the drop-down menu below.

Supernatural Spell Bag
Supernatural Spell Bag
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What comes next, after you order?

After you’ve ordered, I’ll get back to you within 24-hours with a spellworking questionnaire so you can give me details about the situation you want resolved. Approximately seven days later, I’ll email you with the date I plan to perform your spellworking ritual. Once the ritual is done I’ll be in touch to say the spellworking items have been shipped out to you.


If you’re in Britain or Europe, you will receive your spellworking package in two working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it will take around four or five working days. And seven to ten days for the rest of the world.

Customer Support

You won’t be forgotten once you’ve bought a spellworking from me. I’ll fully support you through any issue that may arise throughout the spellworking process. Plus all spellworkings have a one-off payment. No extra changes. The job is done in one.

To discover more about Doktor Snake and his magick check out his books on Or type in “Doktor Snake” in your country’s Amazon.

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